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The concrete cell should have muffled the shots but we had to be wary just in case. It only made sense that someone had to be missing Cliff by now. Unless he’d blocked out some time in his schedule to initiate me into his protection as my benefactor. It seemed like something he’d do. Count his chickens before they hatched.
We’d changed our clothes so they were more suitable for traveling. They also didn’t have drying blood splatters on them. We each wore a backpack with a gun slung on our shoulders and another on our hips. We’d spent a few seconds discussing our escape, with and without either or both of the girls. It would be tough no matter which option worked out. They didn’t seem like the type to get around outside the fence without some trouble.
Only two openings led in and out of that serpentine metal fence and going to Cliff’s took us out of the way a bit from the one we needed to use. It was a much bigger house than ours. Not like they used to be in the days before the infection though. Porter suddenly stopped and held his hand out to block my passing, then pointed with it. Dang. There was someone out front at the house. His shoulder and the back of his head stuck out from around the corner of the entry.
Boots, Cliff’s younger brother. No one knew if he ever had a name or not. That’s just what he had always been called. People talked about them. Quietly of course. Rumor was that Boots got to use Shelley. You know how rumors were, but that would be really bad if it was true. We needed to get them out of there. At least give them the chance to leave if they wanted to take it. Porter caught my attention and pointed again. Looked like a chance to be bait once more. — Chapter Two – My Sweet Infected

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My Sweet Infected - Dystopian Zombie Romance

My Sweet Infected – Dystopian Zombie Romance


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